Using design to sell your books isn’t just for the covers anymore

It was once true that the book cover design sold your books for you. While that may still be the case, there are several new ways in which design can sell your books.

They’re called Infographics. Pick a quote of substance from your book, pull it right from your characters mouth, they won’t mind, you gave it to them after all. Then hand it over to a designer and ask that they create a design around the quote, and give credit where it is due, name your character as the person from whence the quote originated. This helps create a level of reality, character building, if you will, and so potential readers become interested in this character; especially if they can relate to the quote, or experience some emotion when they read it. Just be sure the quote is suggestive of your character, so the reader can become familiar with your character’s personality even before they read your book. This becomes a potential selling point to those who either take offence at the quote or appreciate the comment and want to understand why your character said what they did or thinks the way they do.

Every chance we have as authors to pull in another reader could mean the difference between success and failure. If you can create these designs yourself then all the better. Post them to Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google+ and everywhere in between.
The below examples are from The Judas Syndrome trilogy featuring quotes from two of the main characters which speaks to their individual personalities.

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Michael Poeltl

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