2060, the end days according to Newton

Apparently, one of the greatest scientists of all time, the man who made sense of the physical world and whose findings remained unchallenged for centuries has been unveiled as a prophet.

Sir Isaac Newton, he who founded the laws of gravity was much more than a mere scientist. He was also a devout Christian, often touted as more knowledgeable of the Bible that many theologians.

He centred on the book of Daniel and Revelations to search for clues of the date of the Apocalypse. Following scripture in Revelations (“no man shall know when the end comes”) , Newton hid the manuscripts and in 1727 died his predictions unknown to mankind, for 200 years they were lost, until in 1936 they turned up at Sothebys, auctioned off in London.

He saw the return of the Jews to Israel to be the beginning of the end, this is happening in our time, as are many other Biblical predictions that follow as a precursor of Armageddon.

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