The Little Free Library Phanominom comes to the Indie Author’s rescue!

Have you seen this? Little Free Libraries are popping up all over the place, and after viewing the map on, it looks like North America has certainly embraced it!

I actually found out about this a year or more ago and dropped off a Dan Simmon’s book for other’s to enjoy. The little free library was a few kilometres away from me and not on my regular route so I considered briefly erecting one of my own. Not a year later a Little Free Library suddenly, and with much bravado (Local Televised News Covered it) planted itself just two blocks from where I live.

I noticed a large group of neighbours milling around and so walked my dog and daughter up the street to see what the hubbub was. Sure enough, a new Little Free Library had emerged. Inside the book case, built to resemble and old school house, is a wide variety of books, ranging from children’s to young adult to action, philosophy, new age, you name it. It holds maybe 50  books tops, but is very revealing about the neighbourhood and their reading preferences. There is also a small journal where people can leave short reviews on the books they’ve enjoyed from the little free library.

So, why bring this up? Indie authors should be utilizing this opportunity to get the word out about your books. Don’t place one in every little free library you see, but place enough to encourage interest in your name and don’t place all of the books you’ve written, maybe your new audience would like to buy one! Leave book marks with your website printed on it, offering them up freely for those picking up or dropping off books. Bookmarks cost about as much as business cards to print these days. It’s a small investment.

Give a shot. Check the map section of the website to find one near you, or make one yourself!

Michael Poeltl

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