CALL FOR ARTISTS – See your artwork in print, contest!

Author; Michael Poeltl, in association with Skylab Press is offering an open contest to artists and illustrators to create interpretive works to be included in the short story anthology; Waning Metaphorically – Special Edition.

With fourteen stories to choose from and no limit to the amount of entries each artist can submit, this contest costs nothing to enter, and if one or multiple works are chosen to represent one or more of the stories; you will see your work in print! You will also receive a signed paperback copy from the author, with thanks.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Not only will your work(s) be in print, and your name in the printed acknowledgements, they will also be included in the author’s website, across multiple social networks, blogs and PR sites. Your name and personal contact information will accompany your artwork in every instance; broadcasting your accomplishments while contributing to your published portfolio.

All that is asked of you is that you purchase a Kindle copy of the book at $2.99, so you can familiarize yourself with the stories. If you do not have a Kindle reader, you can download a version of the program to your tablet or desktop from Amazon.

Poeltl discusses releasing a version of his anthology with accompanying illustrations per title, himself trained in the art of interpretive illustration at Sheridan College – graduating class of 1994. “I’m thrilled to see what comes of this contest,” Poeltl explains, “as an illustrator by trade, I know how much thought and effort go into a piece when it must relate to a story.”

Poeltl has released eight books including one trilogy, a children’s novella (which he illustrated), a work of fiction, two children’s educational books (which he illustrated), and his latest, an anthology of short stories. Interesting fact: Poeltl conceived and designed each of his book’s covers.

So, why not illustrate these stories himself? “I wanted to offer up-and-coming artists a chance I never had.” He says, “My own illustration career was short-lived, and so the decision to become a marketing professional kept me in the creative environment I love. That and becoming an author has been very fulfilling for me.”

All artwork will be judged by a panel of your peers. For more information on the contest and its rules visit the author’s website here:

Contest runs through till September 30th.

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