If a Tree Falls in the Forest

There is little question that we create our own realities, but if we can make this realization in our formidable years, when we are information sponges and full of imagination and wonder, all the better. Imagination, like that of a child’s is a powerful tool when conceptualizing a life. The Hello Me series helps imagine this potential.

Educational books
Spirit science is an inclusive term, making more and more sense in both the spiritual and scientific communities. As science sheds light on the quantum world, we are witnessing major parallels to spiritual teachings.
We have great aspirations for our children, but if they lack the life tools to put their dreams into action, then our hopes for the next generation fall short of them realizing their potential.
The Hello Me series explains in easy to understand terms the similarities between science and spirit through graphic illustrations and simplified explanations. Each book also includes an experiment to further the reader’s understanding of the connection that is spirit science.
Through the understanding that science is spiritualty’s greatest champion, that the two do not need to be separate- have never been separate – this series becomes your child’s tool to realizing a better life. Empower your kids by teaching them about the power within to create a happy and fulfilling life. We’re all the architects of our own lives, and the sooner we grasp that fact, the sooner we realize happiness, and bring that joy to others.

Pick up a copy today, your kids will thank you for it.