I am Legend – Review

I am Legend – Review

Last night I took in “I am Legend” at Hamilton’s cheapest theatre experience -the James Street Cinemas. $9.00 – a real deal these days.I enjoyed the movie, it played on our fears that the end is near and even if you’re lucky enough to survive it you might be better off not. The premise is obvious but it’s the relationship between him and his dog that is most moving.

Sam, or Samantha, the dog is his only companion for the majority of the time he spends alone in New York (3 years). He talks to her and cares for her and her for him and if you own a dog or have ever owned a dog you will go home when this movie is over and give your dog a big hug!

While the end time is painfully lonely for the main charater, it can at times be painfully slow for the audience. The infected ‘people’ are scary, but how is it they have the ability to suddenly scale tall buildings and the like? A little miuch, but then, the movie needed the scare factor, otherwise we’d be bored with it after the first hour or so.
As a doomsday movie it has something to offer, it’s just not as entertaining as say, “Children of Men”.

It’s worth the watch – I’d give it a 7 out of 10.

For the quintessential doomsday experience get The Judas Syndrome

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