Humour and The Apocalypse

Apocalyptic literature is not without humour. So many botched prophesies over the past 3500 years, its comical really. A fun site to view listing all of the failed prophesy where the Apocalypse was concerned can be found by clicking on this link.

This site offers a comprehensive index of prophesy dating back to 2800 BC and loaded with possible future dates predicting the end time. For example we just narrowly missed the 2nd Rapture according to Marilyn J. Agee. “September 13th 2007 – An asteroid is supposed to hit the Earth on this day, she claims. (Oropeza p.89)”

But there are many more prophetic doomsdays to look forward to, mark it on your calendar: “On this page, the Lord’s Witnesses use convoluted numerology to demonstrate that “the end of the world is 2008 March 21st.” They also claim that the United Nations will take over the world between March 26 and April 24, 2001, and afterward nobody will be able to buy or sell without the Mark of the Beast! “

Fun stuff. Regardless of how you view the Apocalypse it is something that has been imbedded into our DNA to fear and so creates a certain interest when someone has a prediction concerning it.

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