Her Past’s Present

Realistic fiction with a pinch of eye of newt and wing of bat. That’s not to say you’ll need to suspend belief when you read Her Past’s Present, but you may want to give it a bit of space to open your mind to things you might have categorized as fantasy. I underwent hypnotic regressing therapy – after my own life took a turn, to discover past lives meant to assist me through this life. It was fascinating and surreal, emotional and visceral, yet grounding. As you might have gathered, there’s a bit of that in this book.

Realistic fiction
Unable to cope with a deteriorating existence and encroaching anxiety, Tess checks herself into a mental health facility. Inside she meets Tebor, another patient who claims to know her from a previous life.
Wondering if she can heal her present by making peace with her forgotten past, Tess becomes receptive to the idea of past-life regression. She is assisted in her journey by Madhiva, a nurse skilled in hypnosis and past-life regression and her psychiatrist, Dr. Samuelson, who uncovers a family secret that may send Tess to a dark place where no healing force can reach her.

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