Halloween Inspired Children’s Novella on Sale – Superstitions

Looking for a great Halloween read for your young reader? Pick up West of Noreaso for $0.76 on your kindle or just $9.99 paperback. 

October 31st, a deafening thunderstorm, two siblings, their grandmother’s mirror and a sequence of superstitions
finds Jackson and his little sister, Eloise in a strange new world, where superstition is law and bad luck lurks at every
turn. Good fortune, though smiles upon them when three unlikely volunteers shepherd the children in this bizarre world 
as they journey through the lands West of Noreaso, learning how to thwart bad luck and collect good luck as they find 
their path home.

Also find a list of superstitions on site to amuse and impress your friends and family this Halloween!

For more about the book and the author’s/illustrator go to www.mikepoeltl.com 

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