Happy Canada Day, Readers! Free Books!

Canadian Author Michael Poeltl is giving away the second book of his wildly successful dystopian/post-apocalyptic trilogy; The Judas Syndrome, on Canada Day.

“Rebith; book two of the series is arguably my favourite of the three.” When we asked Poeltl why, he had this to say, “because book two demonstrates my growth as a writer, a more defined story line and characters who were already developed. I didn’t need to build them anymore, they had a life of their own.”

He tells us that the last few scenes of book one are revisited in the beginning of book two. “Sara, Joel’s (the protagonist from book one) girlfriend tells the story in Rebirth, picking up where book one left off.” From there on the pace is quick and plot twists keep the reader`s interest until it leaves you wanting more.

Thankfully, Poeltl has completed the entire trilogy, and all the books are available on Kindle and in paperback. He’s even released an anthology featuring all three books in a single paperback.

“Honestly, book one has since been edited a number of times, but it’s not absolutely necessary you read it to get the gist of what’s happened, and what is happening in book two.”

If it’s all the same to Mr. Poeltl, we’d recommend reading book one. The character development offers insights into the players, some of which will follow you right through to book three!

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