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Free from August 10-12th is the multi-genre anthology of short stories Waning Metaphorically.
Imagine the number of stories a writer has inside them. Never mind the editor’s slush pile; author’s each suffer their own. I don’t mean to suggest we’re a bunch of word hoarders, but once a sentence or scene has been written, it’s a part of you, and not easily discarded. Speaking as one who often writes when struck with inspiration, these rogue scenes – more often than not – are unwelcome curiosities to whatever I am presently working on. All the same; I have to believe they were created for some purpose – and so: the pile.
Many of the stories within these pages are such refugees. At least, that’s how they’d begun their literary lives: a thought, a quote, a supposition. Realistically, I have to admit, some acts of inspiration will never find a home. Unsuitable for publication: The genre illiterate – The damned. I still keep them close. Like all of my failures: I learn from them.
Many of the stories and oddities I’ve compiled here are new, while others are decades old. The old have been revisited by a more seasoned hand, revised, expanded or shortened, while the new were the underlying inspiration which encouraged me to create this compilation.
I knew the vast majority of my slush pile scenes and false starts wouldn’t sustain a novel length work, and as attention spans crumble and commutes grow longer, I realized that literary shorts play an important role for the reader. Besides, what could be more rewarding than a quick read? Instant gratification through story-telling. 
Life is a Metaphor. A metaphor is a symbol. A symbol is a sign. Watch for the signs. Like all stories, they can be watered-down to act as metaphor or parables; but unlike parables, metaphors can be interpreted differently, depending on the subject. A waning metaphor therefore, only sustains resolve if a person decides to recognize it. 

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