Donating March Book Sales to Forests Ontario

Donating March Book Sales to Forests Ontario
Here’s the good news: You Can Make a Difference.

It’s an understatement to say this campaign means a lot to me. If it didn’t, I wouldn’t approach you with it. We’re all intrinsically tied to our natural environment whether you live in the country, in a city or by the ocean. We all take from our environment every second of the day. We breathe the air our natural world produces, eat the food and drink the water that sustains us. So, this is how I can give back – buy a book and your March purchase goes to Forests Ontario in an effort to plant trees. It’s as simple as that. Buy a book, plant a tree.  

To learn more about this initiative between Forests Ontario and my alter-ego, please visit click on the highlighted link and choose from the 12 books I have available. There’s something for everyone. Kindle or paperback.  You have my sincerest thanks and respect for your part in helping to tree Ontario – for all our sakes.

Early April I will release my Amazon sales for the month of March for complete transparency on my Facebook Page.

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