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The Blind Affect. Realistic fiction for our time. Coming 2021.

Blind affect: to have no knowledge of the effect your action(s) had on a person, place, thing or event.

June – The Blind Affect
The Blind Affect cover reveal
In 1960 Jonah entered the world on the heels of his stillborn twin brother; setting him up for a lifetime of disappointment.
In 1975 Severn was abducted into a life her thirteen-year-old self couldn’t comprehend.
In 1994 Darnell slipped free of his abusive father when an unlikely opportunity revealed itself.
Are three people living in the same city along similar timelines destined to meet? When one event affects each person’s life in a meaningful way, does the universe conspire to bring them together or tear them apart?
Lives are lived and lost ubiquitously; it’s what you do with them that count. Can a life be more than the sum of one’s own experiences? Do we have to look objectively through the eyes of others to fully understand our influence on the world around us?
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