Is COVID-19 Trumping the Climate Crisis?

Is COVID-19 Trumping the Climate Crisis?

I have mixed feelings on this issue. Yes, COVID-19 is top of mind and will be for the foreseeable future, but with China shutting down and manufacturing slowing, the virus is essentially helping lessen climate change for the many millions of tonnes of CO2 not being released into the atmosphere.

Still, the amount of monies being thrown at healthcare by our governments to fight the spread and support those who have come down with COVID-19 is extreme. It’s good, but what if our governments reacted to climate change (which will kill us all) the way they have reacted to the spread of a disease that might kill up to 3% of us?

No, I don’t want to be part of the 3%, nor do I want my ageing parents to succumb to COVID-19, but I think the reaction, though proactive, is a joke when you look at the bigger picture. Science tells us there is a somewhat deadly virus on the loose and everyone freaks out. Meanwhile, science is telling us that fossil fuel industries are killing the very planet we live on and we have governments throwing good money after bad to save them…. It’s madness. Where are the COVID-19 deniers? Why don’t they exist?

You don’t get to choose which science you’re going to back. You either back it or you don’t. 

So, while you’re hunkered down in your basement defusing oils and hoarding food and toilet paper, why not contribute to a cause that will not only give you books to read when the power goes out but will plant trees to help lessen the real problem of climate change?

COVID-19 won’t last forever, but neither will the living conditions on your planet if we don’t do something about it and accept the science. 

From Facebook page: We’re excited to announce that author Michael Poeltl is donating the March sales of his books to Forests Ontario! The generosity of our donors makes Ontario’s forests greener.

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