The Judas Syndrome featured interview on Indie ebooks blog

Indie ebooks is a blog that features indie books from authors that have gone it alone. Without the assistance of the big book publishers, sites like this are a perfect venue for getting the word out.
Indie books are a force all their own and supported by a growing audience of readers disenfranchised with what the big book publishers are releasing and/or the price they must pay in order to purchase them.

Find links, an interview, synopsis and excerpt from the dystopian/Post-Apocalyptic novel The Judas Syndrome at Indie ebooks now.

About the website:
Indie eBooks was created for independent authors to come together and promote their work.The site supports the growing independent publishing market by providing a space where authors can connect with their readers not just through their books, but also by sharing the stories of how they came to self publish.

There is no cost to authors to promote their work here and I hope to keep it that way. I have however used affiliate links to Amazon and Smashwords. What does this mean? If you would like to support this site and the 20+ hours a week I spend promoting the authors, then there is only one thing I ask of you.

When you support the authors by purchasing one of their books please also support this site by using the links provided to buy from Amazon or Smashwords.

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