Purpose in Writing – One Author’s Reason to Write

Poeltl’s books, though not confined to one genre, do share a common, defining thread. Whether general fiction, science fiction, fantasy or self-help, they are each driven by purposein the narrative. Whether through the plot line or a main character’s inner voice driving them to accomplish more, to be more, or to realize their life’s purpose, Poeltl appreciates a clear intent driving his stories whether they’re realized immediately, or the purpose(s) – like those in his books Her Past’s Present, and The Judas Syndrome – are discovered further into the story line.

Purpose drives Poeltl’s stories, as it drives his own desire to write them. He explains; “this is the commonality we all share”, which he organically and thoughtfully includes into each of his works, relating to his audience’s own fundamental needs to realize their purpose, and to encourage them to look for it in ways they may not have imagined before sitting down with one of his many books.

If each of Poeltl’s books offer one parallel, it is that to understand your purpose is to understand yourself. “My own purpose was revealed to me early in life. Art. Being artistic. I chose to enter the visual arts, graduated and began an interpretive illustration career. That led to marketing positions and currently a career managing a marketing department,” he shares. “This position has allowed me to write an enormous amount of industry related content, but also spurred me onto – what I thought was – my second love; writing.” Poeltl smiles thoughtfully. “Now all I want to do is write stories.”
It’s not just any stories Poeltl wants to write – needs to write.  If they don’t have depth, if they don’t hold water, he’s ‘writing them off’. Even within the pages of his collection of short stories; Waning Metaphorically, you’ll find fourteen stories filled with purpose, and whether the character realizes it or not, the reader certainly will.
There is an undeniable strength to his characters, but weaknesses too, which make them all the more human, all the more relatable. They may stumble upon their purpose, or they may be guided towards it, whichever method they use, Poeltl’s audience has delighted in their discoveries, and, as the author hopes, in their own.

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