Author Donating March Book Sales to Forests Ontario

Author Donating March Book Sales to Forests Ontario

Brantford, Ontario Author Donating March Book Sales to Forests Ontario for Tree Planting
Brantford, Canada March 1, 2020 – Author and activist, Michael Poeltl, is donating his March book sales to non-profit charity, Forests Ontario. The Brantford native says he wants to encourage awareness, tree planting, and the protection of our natural places.
“Every individual can do something to help decrease the effects of global climate change by reducing their carbon footprint,” says Poeltl.  “Considering that March is when we celebrate the first day of spring, Earth Hour, International Day of Happiness, National Puppy Day (which pairs nicely with the Day of Happiness) I’ve decided I can do more too.”
Poeltl is an author whose published books include: An Angry Earth, The Judas Syndrome trilogy, the  A.I. Insurrection trilogy, and Her Past’s Present to name a few.
“For every one of my books purchased in March of 2020, whether kindle or paperback, I am donating all proceeds to one of my favourite environmental charities – Forests Ontario,” Poeltl explains. “Forests Ontario is the non-profit charity responsible for the 50 Million Tree Program,The Ontario Envirothon, and Forest Recovery Canada. They’ve planted more than 33 million trees in Canada so far, and I want to help that number rise.”
Poeltl went on to say that, “There is a quote I love, and it makes me think of my father who has been a big supporter of the environment by planting trees, gardens, and maintaining a balance in his approach to living in a modern world while understanding his part in keeping it beautiful for his childrenand grandchildren. It’s an ancient Greek proverb which, I think, rings truer now then ever before: A societygrows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they know they shall never sit. Let’s be great!”
Poeltl adds that in the first week of April, 2020, he will release his Amazon sales statistics for the month of March on his Facebook author page with the donation confirmation. “My birthday wish is that everyone can enjoy a brightfuture. Read a book under an old tree this summer, gratefulfor someone else’sforesight in planting it.”
On a final note, Poeltl has this to say, “The climate is changing. The countries that don’t changewith it will die. Like the industrial revolution, the climate revolution will change the way we manufacture our futures, and how we produce our energy. If Canada doesn’t stop investing in fossil fuels now and realize the only way we’ll have an economic future is through Green practices, we’ll suffer the consequences on every front. Let’s be the example of how the world can prosper from Green energy and sustainable living. Let’s not exist in an unsustainable past. This March, give and get.”

To purchase books and support Forests Ontario visit Michael Poeltl’s Amazon author Profile.

About Michael Poeltl
With an interest in the paranormal, as well as nature and science, Michael Poeltl has found his stride. HE develops stories which instil a sense of wonder in the spiritualworld while often referencing science and its hard-fought principles as the paranormal’s greatest advocate. This mixing of strange bedfellows reveals the lengths Poeltl will go to tell a story, researching both seemingly opposing worlds, finding their common bonds, stitching them together and telling a unique tale which is all-at-once captivating, enlightening and recited in a fast-paced, character-driven storyline. Michael Poeltl was voted Best Writer/Author for 2010 by View Magazine: A weekly alternative newspaper reaching over 1 million potential voters/viewers.
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