More Character Sketches of The Judas Syndrome Cast


18 years old. 5’10”, muscled upper body, and seemingly always sporting a tan, Conner is Joel’s best friend and Joel his. Athletically inclined, he would participate in school sports merely to pass the time and be granted excuses for leaving math or history class, frustrating his coaches who only saw potential in him as an athlete.

Conner does his best to be seen as someone who is down to earth. It’s a quality that he’d always admired in his older brother but found he had to work at. Conner ‘suffers’ from a sixth sense type ability that makes it difficult to always seem accessible or approachable. He will find himself stuck in a moment, a déjà-vu, and in working through it he allows the déjà-vu to show him a future state.

He believes he obtained this ability from his grandmother on his mother’s side. He remembers stories; even premonitions she’d revealed to him and witnessed come to pass.

Conner gets that he’s different but in getting that, he goes out of his way to be normal. Graduating high school is about as far as he wants to take his classroom education. Travel would compete with college in the fall and travel won out.
He is in no way ashamed of his lack in interest in furthering his education in such things as literature, history and science in the classroom. The world would teach him what he needed to know and feed his independence.

Earthy and tough, Conner ‘s character is a perfect complement to Joel’s, both friends realizing that upon their first meeting in the sandbox.


18 years old at the beginning of The Judas Syndrome, Sara is the ‘it’ girl at her highschool. Beautiful, smart, athletic and engaging. Her populatrity was assured, but popularity does not impress Sara, determination and purpose impress and drive her. Her choice of a best friend in Julia, a specticled overacheiving book club type, pretty in an unorthadox way, gives us an idea of her value in popularity.

She is blessed with perfect features, a main of thick shiny brown hair and the body of a cheerleader. Standing at 5’8″, Sara is taller than most of her girlfirends, but in no way uncomfortablein her own skin. The majority of her highschool career Sara dates a volleyball player and though he was driven, it proved not enough for her as she yearned for more intellectual stimulation.

Sara is a family oriented person who never complains about taking family vacations or trips to the beach with her mom and dad. She chererishes her time with them. That being said, she is a teenager and happily splits from the family unit when a party or other social event involving her friends comes up. She endulges in all the illegal fun her popular friend base enjoys, but rarely to excess.

Sara is a confident girl, secure in her choices and thoughful of her actions. She believes in Karma and is mindful of her spiritual nature. Raised in the Luthern faith, Sara was baptised as a baby, confirmed as a young teenager and has carried the Christian teachings close to her heart. She believes in God, but accepts that she is human and so imperfect.

Sara heads up the cast of Rebirth , telling her story in 1st person, advancing the story from its tragic beginings with The Judas Syndrome.

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