The Happening, By M. Night Shyamalan

Yet another apocalyptic themed movie is on it’s way to theatres. The happening, by writer director M. Night Shyamalan of The Sixth Sense fame, looks to be about the end of humanity. The trailers thus far are vague, but it would appear a virus is killing off humanity one city/state at a time.
I guess the big question will be, what’s the twist?, as in all of Shyamalan’s former pictures. Let’s hope this one redeems M. Night after Lady in the Water, and The Village… neither really any good, even the ending of signs was pretty awful.
Good to see the Apocalyptic genre still going strong. Always an interesting theme for any story. I’ll view it and review it on this blog as I did I am Legend.

Keep up to date on the Apocalypse at The Judas Syndrome website.

To see the trailer for The Happening visit this link

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