Books are kind of a big deal. Now they have their own tribe within the pages of Youtube called Booktube. What does it take to become a booktuber? You have to love books for one. I’m an author and a reader, so I’m a fan! I’m also a booktuber. I enjoy the limelight on my own terms, in front of the camera, in a room, and vlogging. What’s there to talk about, you ask?!

I actually get into my reviews a fair bit and read the good and the bad. You can’t have one without the other, it seems. I don’t get all confrontational or anything, I read them with a few graphics to back me up. I also read my own books occasionally. You can also find my book trailers on the page, something I get a real kick out of creating. You get the idea. If you are interested in seeing me animated on the small screen, check out the link.