Do you read all of the books your favourite author puts out?

What’s the best part about discovering a new author whose work you loved? Discovering the back list of books they’ve written that you can sink you teeth into next!

We all have our favourite popular authors whose books we devour the moment they arrive at the book store or are ready for download onto our ebook devices. But do you ever allow yourself the opportunity to discover relevant authors who have not had the luck or luxury to have been traditionally published?

Often realized later in their careers, indie authors are responsible for some of the edgiest reading out there, and are changing the landscape of what a popular book looks like. But they are not offering up their first book as the game changer. No, chances are they have written several books before the one that finally got noticed, yet their previous works can often times be as good – if not better – than their breakout novel. It’s worth a look when you discover that new author; to research their other works  and pick one up. You may be surprised!

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