Trump in the Whitehouse and Indie Authors

So what’s it mean to have tyrannical Trump in the Whitehouse for all of us indie authors trying to push our books north and south of the borders? Will he really follow through with his threats and break down NAFTA? Does that even matter to an indie author? Could it? What does Free Trade mean for an indie or self-published author? Let’s lay it out. I’m Canadian, but I use Createspace to build out my books, print them, and it’s where I order them from. Createspace is an American company. So what? How does Free Trade affect me? Am I going to pay more for shipping? No. At least I hope not! I ordered 25 books the other day and the shipping more then doubled the cost and then I had to pay the courier for the border BS. I’m rethinking the whole thing now. But what does Trump promising to stomp on NAFTA mean for me?

Is it all fear mongering? Surely that’s how he won the election. But his fear mongering has divided the people of the United States. If you’re going to use fear mongering; let’s put everyone behind a single cause: the environment. This is something to fear. But now the self proclaimed climate change denier is going to ramp up manufacturing and fracking and drilling and just fuck the whole country up while putting a few dollars in the average American’s pockets, and filling swimming pools with money for the elite. Not sure how I got onto this rant, but there it is. I hope I’ve answered the question. 🙂

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