Get over 2 million ratings on your book

Get over 2 million ratings on your book
An impressive number, right? It’s easier than you think. But keep in mind: thinking is a big part of how this sort of thing happens. I’m not here to sell you on positive thinking though if I were, I’d direct you to my Hello Me Series rather than show you my 2.3 million ratings on my sci-fi book(s) on Goodreads.
It’s called a vision board. Have you heard of this? Whether you’re hoping to meet that perfect mate or buy the perfect house or get the perfect job, a vision board is your friend. You take a picture of the thing you want, place it on a board or piece of paper and keep it somewhere you’ll see it daily. Then you focus your intention and attention on that goal and believe it’s already happened.
Okay, so in reality, I don’t currently have over 2 million ratings on a single book, but that’s not to say it’s impossible! In fact, I fully expect to have reached this goal within a certain amount of time (ideally while I’m still alive and can enjoy my brief foray into fame and fortune). So, what did I do? I Photoshopped my profile page. I changed the numbers to reflect what I expect from my books and followers. I did this with each book currently available. I look at my board in the morning and in the evening and I spend a few minutes with it, feeling all the good feels that accompany a win like this.
I’m encouraged by the feels I feel and actually get excited thinking about how this has happened for me. With 11 books available to the public in multiple genres and another coming out in September, I see no reason I couldn’t find someone for each to take them viral.
This isn’t exactly an easy practice for me. I’m not the most positive person. I`ve struggled with depression and anxiety. But in spite of all that, I’m really thrilled to be pushing for what I want, and now expect from the universe. It’s nothing for the universe to give me millions of dollars by selling my books. I don’t expect something for nothing, writing is hard work, networking, designing cover art, MEME`s and editing all take their toll  – and I do market myself and give away books in the hopes of being rewarded with a review. It’s all coming together. I believe that. I can feel it.
This is my soon to be success story. Why not give it a shot yourself?

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