Featured Author in Local Magazine Makes Millions.

Featured Author in Local Magazine Makes Millions.

Clickbait, I know, but what do you think about magazines? Print magazines that is. Is there a point to putting yourself through the paces, trying to get picked up as an author by a local magazine? What’s it going to hurt? My books have been featured in Hamilton magazine in the past, but never me. This time an opportunity came up that allowed me to be featured as an author (and family man) to my new city, and I took it. Why not? It was fun and I got some professional photography out of it too.

Who’s going to see it? A portion of the city I live in. Why do it? Potential for something bigger. Possible sales of course, but to embed myself as the local author in my city is important to me. Also, it’s a life event I post here, in my blog, on all my social networks, and can forward to my mailing list.

No press is bad press no matter how small. It may do absolutely nothing for you as an author, but when you don’t take that shot, it may never come again. Why live with what ifs? Just do it and tell your friends and family and fanbase it happened. Rather than constantly bombarding them with sales pitches, use your life events to connect. If interested, they will do the follow-through.

Take advantage of your local opportunities, they may lead to bigger things. Fingers crossed!  Want to learn more about this article? Sorry, it’s print only. Weird right? LOL