Why readers call A.I. Insurrection the Thoughtful Science Fiction Fan’s Top 2018 Read

A.I.Insurrection isn’t just a sci-fi novel written to entertain. The philosophical and moral questions which arise encourage the reader to understand various points of view on subjects like Utopia, slavery, sentience and proof of life, even after death.  These existential questions are answered via individual characters within the book’s pages; be it one way or another, through ignorance or education, faith or fear.
The reader will have the opportunity to discover their own thoughts on the big questions posed and side with which ever faction they most identify with. Do you fear artificial intelligence? Perhaps you have Humanist leanings. Does the idea that everyone should blindly accept Utopia not exactly your idea of freedom? Perhaps you relate to the lawless Shadow brokers. Concerned things aren’t as copacetic as they seem? You might find yourself enrolling in United Earth’s military or government to keep a watchful eye over Paradise. Think Utopia sounds like a thousand shades of grey? The Chimera have an answer for that.

As the story evolves from its Utopian roots and descends into war, you may decide you’ve more in common with the A.I. Hosts than the humans; forcing new questions to arise in how you might accept the plight of a robot claiming sentience.

All of this and more awaits to be devoured by the reader and left to ponder long after the book is finished. Though the novel offers a proper ending, it allows for much interpretation on what comes next. Know that the author also views his ending as an exciting prospect, and has designs on continuing the story in a second book.

A note on the book’s Cover design: The cover was designed by the author to explain the book interpretively. It gives much of the story away once the reader discovers milestones which relate back to the cover’s art. A.I. Insurrection’s cover was engineered to offer the potential reader a glimpse inside the book with subtle hints which support the synopsis on the back.

Select Reviews from Amazon and Goodreads: Currently sitting at 4.2 stars of 5.
Thoughtful, interesting read. I loved getting into the psyche of all groups – this was thoughtfully written… immense interest provided by the world, technology, action and characters kept me reading happily.”

“I really enjoyed this story… a great story that kept moving forward. I’d definitely be keen to see what happens next in this universe.
“I enjoyed this book! While the subject of A.I. sentience is often broached in the sci-fi world, I enjoyed the way the author put his own unique spin on things… I really liked the unexpected character development of some of my least favorite characters near the beginning of the book.
“A.I. Insurrection … is for fans of science fiction, science-minded individuals who have an interest in robots and potential futures, or those who don’t mind investing some time in their reading.
“A great read for anyone who enjoys extensively built worlds, philosophical questions, and an ol’ fashioned A.I uprising. Reminiscent of I-Robot and Do Androids Dream of Sheep, I really liked the core premise of the plot and the irony of the outcomes.
“…this did not disappoint. Characters I liked… I enjoyed the ideas and loved how the groups viewed themselves and others. It was more than simply humans vs machine.
“The interactions between humans, altered humans (Chimera), and self-aware AI robots (Hosts), as well as internal motivations of individuals within each group, were believable and drew the reader into the narrative. The plot was complex enough to keep one’s interest without becoming bogged down in excessive detail.”

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