Not to be Missed Sci-fi for Your Reading Pleasure

Not to be Missed Sci-fi for Your Reading Pleasure

The general’s war robbed United Earth of a Utopian paradise. Now, a year later, with Allfather bearing down on an ill-prepared United Earth, a meddling ghost in the walls at UE Headquarters, a religious renaissance infiltrating the hearts and minds of earth’s populace and a rogue sect leader stirring up controversy, Chancellor Raymond Bellows finds himself – once again – at a crossroads. The impending threat of each faction builds to a crescendo when Raymond works to align United Earth to fight their common foe or risk losing everything they’ve rebuilt to a callous and cruel alien bent on annihilation. Will United Earth be ready?

Book 2 of the science fiction series that challenged everything you thought you knew about artificial intelligence is back with a vengeance! 

Pick up you kindle copy now. Print available soon!

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