How the Rise of Artificial Intelligence is Effecting the Entertainment Industry

With the looming reality of autonomous vehicles taking to our road and airways, artificial intelligence in other areas can’t be far off. Replicants, AI Hosts, Androids, or whatever nomenclature you want to place on the AI which will be walking among us in the very near future are a sign of the times. Technology envelopes us now. It’s taking our jobs. It’s babysitting our kids with tablets and games. What purpose will there be left for any of us when individual AI Hosts are performing every job  which was formerly completed by its human counterpart?



Imagine if there were no jobs left to do save those you wanted to do? A robot built your house, farmed your land, served you coffee. Sounds pretty Utopian to me.  You get up when you want. You do what you want. You go to bed and start it all over again in the morning.

But what of the AI Hosts? Are they slaves? Are they still just machines making lfe easy for us humans? The psychological questions will arise. The old saying: ‘a society should be judged on how they treat their animals’ could shift to ‘…how they treat their Androids’.

Movies like A.I. and  more recently, Ghost in the Shell as well as emerging films like Alita: Battle Angel, and books like A.I. Insurrection are poised to make us ask many questions of ourselves when intelligent machines are made to do our bidding.

Will they identify as human? Will they identify as slaves? Will there be an uprising? Imagine if every job in the world were performed by slaves and what ruin an uprising on their part would usher into society. These questions are answered in the upcoming book: A.I. Insurrection. Important questions which require answers before we continue with blinders on to realize a Utopian world where mankind thrives on the backs of our creations.

Always curious to hear points of view on this subject matter.

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