Alita Battle Angel and the future of Sci-fi

Alita Battle Angel and the future of Sci-fi

It was a movie I’ve been excited to see. I wanted to compare it to A.I. Insurrection, and though Alita is set some 500 years in the future, and A.I. Insurrection is just 150 years from now, the two stories have a similar theme of sentient robots. Alita’s are cyborgs in that they include the brain and some flesh of humans who are interchangeable with whatever robotic design humanity can imagine. In A.I. Insurrection, sentience comes from recycled souls inhabiting the intelligent software of Host robots who serve humanity in every role possible.

It was fun for me to imagine my book(s) on the big screen because of the incredible digital FX. There’s simply nothing you can imagine they can’t put up on the screen. Alita’s storyline is formulaic but satisfying. Not at all difficult to predict. I think, in the end, it’s an action movie staged in the far future whereas A.I. Insurrection, which also includes plenty of action, might interest a more seasoned Sci-fi fan. That said I quite enjoyed Alita. Looks like they’ve set themselves up for a sequel if not a trilogy.

Alita investigated some of what a human might experience as a cyborg but not to the extent you would expect. Of course, it’s only a 2-hour movie and the Manga surely investigated all of that in much more depth. A.I. Insurrection offers the reader a bit more as the Host robots experience sentience as an unexpected result of an upgraded code which catches them by surprise.

Regardless, if you enjoyed the Manga Alita or the movie, you might find yourself enjoying A.I. Insurrection. With the second book of the series available in March of 2019, it’s the perfect time to get caught up in the near-future science fiction.

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