A list of what you can expect from the next 150 years

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Bi-pedal Host robots built to house the A.I.
  • Jobs disappearing to robots
  • Sustainable energy sources realized worldwide

  • Universal wages to compensate for disappearing jobs
  • Humanist uprisings to thwart A.I.

  • A.I. Host robots manufactured by the tens of thousands per day
  • Freedom to live to work rather than work to live
  • The end of organized religion
  • A renaissance in science, arts and technology
  • The elimination of currency
  • Living cities

  • The development of the Shadow net/Shadow Brokers for those ungovernable
  • Humans living on the Moon
  • Interplanetary travel
  • Extra-planetary mining
  • Orbital defence satellites
  • A utopian ‘government’
  • A.I. Hosts claiming sentience

  • Panic
  • A.I. Uprising against human privilege
  • Humanists saying: ‘I told you so’
  • The choice to fight evolution or accept it
  • War

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