More reviews for The Judas Syndrome

Todd Dowd
“5 Stars out of 5”
A group of teens move from their camping trip back to their homes and find all that they thought they knew ravaged and dead, forcing them to adapt. I thought The Judas Syndrome paralleled the exit from Eden and the loss of innocence.

The author paints very believable, and unwelcome world.

I rate the book five stars, as I felt that …in no way did the author fail to create an unique, original, and enjoyable work.

Stacy Maskell

“4 Stars out of 5”
Well, when the book began, I was unsure – I didn’t “feel” it like I had hoped, but as the story developed, the struggles of the characters and weight on Joel’s shoulders became more than apparrent, and as the book was coming to a close, I didn’t want it to end, yet I adored the ending, I read it 3 times. Great job Michael, it did capture and hold my attention and I couldn’t put it down.

Melissa Anne Stoutenburg

“5 Stars out of 5”
This book not only had me thinking outside of reading it, but in my dreams as well. I never thought a book could have such a big impact on my mind. The plot kept me wanting to read on, was interesting and never bored me. If all else fails go to the forest…

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