Tired of the same old formula where A.I. is concerned?

Sentience is an incredible event we humans’ take for granted. But have you ever wondered why we’re sentient? How we became sentient? If you have, then you may appreciate where A.I. Insurrection by Michael Poeltl takes the idea of sentience when populating his A.I. Hosts with consciousness. In the near-future, Host’s are built artificially intelligent through human ingenuity and the drive to create in our own image. Then something indescribable happens, and the explanation for A.I. Host’s sudden sentience is revealed. No other author of science fiction has conceived such a bold and startlingly plausible event in sparking life in a machine. Bury any preconceptions you may have or have read or watched before on the development of consciousness in Artificial Intelligence. Embrace the new possibilities Poeltl has laid out. They will inspire and intrigue your sci-fi mind. If this were all that happens in the series it would be enough for many, but A.I. Insurrection is a fertile field of characters, action, concepts and plotting which will entertain while opening up scenarios you may have never imagined.

With three books in the series now available and the potential for more, the reader (you) is transported to 2162 where all laborious work is performed by androids and humanity have been freed to do as they please with their lives. Utopian, right? Well, things go a bit sideways when a new group calling themselves Chimera rebel against the status quo, A.I. Hosts begin to experience sentience, and the United Earth military machine tries to stop them all.  That’s just book one.

So, challenge yourself to pick up cutting-edge sci-fi only an indie author could write for your next read, and prepare yourself for a wild and unique experience!

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