What will end the world as we know it? 2012, the Mayan Crystal Skulls, aliens?

The Discovery channel aired another show with the potential to end the world just the other night. The mystery of the crystal skulls (Like that of Indiana Jones’ latest movie) where in if we do not bring all 13 skulls together before the Mayan calender runs out in 2012, then we are doomed.
Of course there are Many schools of thought concerning the end of the world. What if the end meant the beginning of something more? What if the apocalypse meant merely a shift in thought or awareness? Maybe something dramatic will occur on that date where it changes us as a people forever, like contact with an alien race or computers becoming self aware? The end doesn’t have to be so menacing. Fact is there are more ways than one to end the world and the more we discover or create the more real it becomes. With the year 2000 passing relatively uneventfully we are holding onto 2012 now to give us a sign.
Whatever happens, let’s hope it’s for the better and not the worst. Humanity is a troubled species, but we’re also a wonderfully creative and fascinating species that is working towards a better place (for the most part) .
People are inherently good, I believe that, and the more we believe that the less likely it is some galactic bad karma will destroy us.

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