Death has a name – By Jerry Hanel

A very original story which could use an editors touch.

A paranormal detective story set in London, England, Death has a Name enjoys a very original plot line. The Truth – an all encompassing knowledge that exists in the Universe – has been a nuisance to the main character all his life, seeing it as a smoky incarnation whispering truths of recent murders and ancient cold cases. The Truth seeps out of file folders, the sleeves of trench coats and visits him at night offering the truth of an event. Though the connection he shares with the other side is distressing, his strange ability to see The Truth has earned Brody a contract position on his local police force.

The reader becomes quickly involved in the story’s main plot line as Brody is approached by a vision asking him to follow through on a truth both baffling and disturbing. Soon thereafter Brody’s detective friend shares a case he is currently working on, and they realize Brody’s visions are somehow connected.

The story then takes off as the connections between Brody’s psychic experiences and Phil (the detectives) case become more and more entwined.

That’s when the paranormal aspect to the book raises a few crescendos and the bigger picture is appreciated. Death is coming for us all.

The character development is well done, as is the plotting of the story but the book could use an editor’s touch. The dialogue between characters doesn’t come across as sincere, spelling and grammatical mistakes could all be eliminated with one pass through by a professional editor. Once this is accomplished the book would read much smoother, not having the reader stumbling on words or sentences that seem misplaced.

Hanel has a wonderful imagination, and Death has a Name is a very original work of fiction.

-By Michael Poeltl

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