A.I. Insurrection

Science fiction has always been a go-to read for me. I love the technologies and possibilities the genre offers a reader. The incredible imaginations of science fiction writers has always excited my own. Watching sci-fi is a pastime of mine too, and I have a list of favourites I could share with you. Actually, I do – in my blog. Below is my first full-length novel dedicated to the science fiction genre, and the one that started a trilogy.Mike

A.I. Insurrection Cover art

The year is 2162.

Tobias has a bone to pick with the peaceful utopian establishment. After reviewing a new folder via an avatar embedded in the Shadow net calling itself Allfather, he realizes he’s stumbled upon the means to bring United Earth to their knees.
SENTA is an A.I. Host whose designation is to nanny three siblings. When she discovers a loophole in her coding, she awakens to the world around her and claims sentience.
Raymond Bellows is the Chancellor of United Earth. When confronted by thirty A.I. Hosts of varying classes, he is asked to accept their claims of sentience or suffer losing everything he believes in.
When General August realizes what is happening, she willfully authorizes the destruction of ‘sentient’ A.I. Hosts, inciting the war she always knew would materialize, ridding the world of A.I. forever.
In what seems an impossible three-sided war, enemies become uneasy allies. Each faction of humanity and humanity’s creation fight to claim their own place in an ever-evolving solar system. Pick up a copy today!

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