A.I. Insurrection Exodus

I admit it, midway into Armageddon, I knew there would be a third book. How could I leave things like I’d left them in book two? Besides, trilogies are expected in the sci-fi genre, just look at Star Wars! So, Exodus took form and I’m happy to say really accomplished what I had hoped it would. I hope you agree.

Book 3 A.I. Insurrection

The Stunning Conclusion

United Earth casts a long shadow of memory across its residents, and those memories are renewed through every enlightened AI Host who carries them. This haunts some, encourages fear in others and confirms devotion in many. United Earth, as an idea, gave life to freedoms previously unknown to humanity, but when the General’s war devastated that trust, and an alien bent on destruction came to annihilate their civilization, the populace began to question their place in this fallen utopia.
Now, six months removed from the most recent conflict which overwhelmed the people; recognizing they are not alone in the universe, they seek purpose in their existence more than ever. The lottery would afford them that, offering hope, one of the most essential requirements in an individual’s arsenal for survival.
But when that hope turns to dread, what is left to accomplish but survival? Pick up the book today!