2012 the movie(s)

Well, I’ve been waiting for this to happen, the 2012 bandwagon is getting heavy.
There are two new movies slated for release over the next couple years using the idea behind the Mayan calender.
2012 i supposedly the last year entered into the Mayan long term calender. They had predicted their own end in the same calender and of course were dead on with the prediction. In their prediction they saw their own end in the coming of the white man and nailed it to the very day. Now it’s our turn. December 2012 will usher in a new age for us all, possibly destruction, possibly just another apocalypse (a major change). Many of us feel it coming, but to hear it from the Mayan, such profound astronomers, gives it an eerie reality.
The movies, one slated for 2009 release and the other in 2010, ought to stir up more anxiety over the theory.
We’ll have to wait and see of course, and of course people have been prophesying the end times forever, but will this be the one that takes?
I’m looking forward to the films and will keep my blog updated on announcements as the years

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