Crime Fiction

Crime Fiction

Crime fiction forensics novels, murder mystery novels, and police novels are terms that describe a narrative that focuses on crimes. It is generally distinguished from mainstream fiction and some of the other kinds of fiction like historical fiction or science fiction. Crime fiction has multiple subgenres – notably detective fiction and court dramas. Most crime dramas focus only on crime investigation.

Crime Fiction: Definition, Books & Authors

As described above, crime fiction allows for multiple sub-genres and even paranormal crime fiction is coming into its own. Killing Karma is a new release from author Michael Poeltl featuring regression therapy. Crime fiction in books is defined in the same way crime fiction in movies is defined.  Writers for the crime genre in both mediums offer exciting storylines leaning toward the whodunit, whydunit, or both.


Historically, crime fiction has evolved from the cozy mysteries of Agatha Christie to the hard-hitting crime fiction of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Killing Karma is a work of crime fiction that – as many do – includes suspense and thriller aspects. These add to the intensity of the mystery and build interesting character profiles while they deal with the stressors of their situation.

What makes a book Paranormal Crime Fiction?

Paranormal crime fiction books involve unusual experiences that lack a scientific explanation. Some popular subjects in paranormal books are supernatural creatures, ESP, clairvoyance, ghosts, UFOs, telepathy, and psychics. In the crime fiction novel Killing Karma, the paranormal aspect is past lives affecting the present. Not something science has figured out yet. Maybe never.

About Killing Karma

As one Amazon reviewer put it: A series of killings has cast a reign of terror over Detroit, and even the seasoned Detective Harlow has no idea what to make of them. As a cop, he understands revenge killings, but these homicides are taking the concept of payback to new heights. If you like a little noir with your crime fiction, this book is for you! – Rose Keefe, True Crime Author optioned for several of her books.

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